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So, it’s been a busy year and you now have an enormous pile of tax receipts. Let’s get them in order and ready for tax time with these 10 great tips!

Filing receipts for tax time is always daunting, but if you break the task down into bite-sized portions it’s simple. Think of it as paper triage, where everything is sorted in terms of priority, then actioned accordingly. Better yet, make this the year that you create a system that you can use all year round.

To get your existing tax receipts in order, the first step is to separate your receipts into tax years. Next, and depending on your profession, place like-receipts together, such as: research (newsagents, book stores, library fees, internet fees, etc.), transport (taxis, fuel, air fares, etc.) phone bills, work-related education and stationery.

A Clear Plastic File Box, with lid is a good archive solution for keeping your receipts in order and stored for seven years.

Label each section clearly to keep your system up and running and ready for tax day.

If you are setting up a home office, your Howards Storage World receipt might be tax-deductible, so remember to keep the receipt and check with your accountant!

Once you have a system in place, create a workflow, either by filing receipts immediately or by creating an on-desk ‘receipts to be filed’ zone that gets actioned each week.

Enter your receipts into a spreadsheet or workbook once a week. Be diligent!

Keep up-to-date with what you can deduct.

Keep a photocopy of your credit card bill and bank statement with your receipts. Check your receipts off as they come in and, if you see a charge but can’t find the receipt, contact the seller to have it reissued.

Print and file internet receipts as they arrive in your inbox.

You need to keep your tax claim information and receipts for seven years. By keeping each year in a separate file box you can store easily, find simply and always stay one step ahead of the tax panic.


What if we told you we had a product that would quite simply revolutionise the way in which you clean your home? What if we said this highly unique cleaning product uses only water to erase stubborn marks? Enter the star of the show, White Magic.

In a day and age where chemical free cleaning is king, this innovative, multi-purpose cleaner quite literally shines. A leader in the Australian and New Zealand cleaning market, White Magic effectively removes stubborn stains from all non-porous surfaces throughout your home or office. “With just water?” we hear you ask. Here’s how - The White Magic sponge is made from fibres 10,000 times finer than a human hair. This creates millions of surfaces to pick up dirt, stains and grime – which, in turn, makes White Magic more effective than traditional sponges. That’s it. Simple really.

So what can one do with White Magic? Wash down boats, Scrub dirty windows, Clean down walls , Remove tea/coffee stains from mugs, Get rid of texta marks from your bench top, Use on chrome and stainless steel, Clean your floors, Remove grime from skirting boards, Clean showers/bathrooms

Howards stocks a number of White Magic Products. Look out for: White Magic King White Magic Shower Eraser White Magic Ultra Microfibre Cloth – Glass and Windows White Magic Household Value Pack White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop But don’t take our word for it! Ask for your free White Magic Sponge sample in-store. While stocks last.




As far as life’s little luxuries go, nothing beats a comfy towel after a shower or swim. But a soft, fresh, hygienic towel takes some TLC.

Damp towels and the floor don’t mix
For many of us, (generally thanks to kids!) damp towels are often strewn on the bathroom or bedroom floor and usually end up with a stale, sour smell. Why? Any sweat and body oil that isn’t washed away in the shower will be transferred to your towel. If towels stay wet and are not hung to dry it provides the perfect environment for bacterial growth. While we don’t suggest your towels need to be washed every single day, hanging your towels up straight after use really is the first rule to ensuring your towels are kept in good shape. Come washing day, simply drop your towels straight into the machine instead of having them sit damp, in the laundry hamper, for days on end.

Hint: Use an airer, towel rack or give your towel a quick tumble dry between washes.

Wash your towels regularly
Did you know that fabric softener coats the fibres in your towels, reducing their ability to absorb water? If you want your towels to last the distance wash your towels in hot water, use minimal detergent and rinse thoroughly. After the wash cycle, shake out your towels and line-dry them in the shade to fluff up the fibres. You can always pop them in the dryer briefly at the end of the drying process.

Hint: Every few washes add a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle. The vinegar will get rid of any excess detergent and it’ll help with your towels absorbency.

Avoid harsh, scratchy towels!
If you choose to tumble-dry your towels, you’re more likely to get a soft finish if you set your dryer to a medium heat. Drying for extended periods on a hot setting will make your towels harsh. Similarly with line drying in the sun; it’s great for short periods and it’s a wonderful way to keep your towels fresh, however, line drying outside in the shade will help extend the life of your wears.

Avoid the iron!
Looking for a good excuse to avoid ironing? We’ve got one! Ironing a towel will make the pile fibres (loops) flat and while this won’t harm your towel, it will certainly curtail that soft, fluffy feel we all know and love.

What about stains?
First and foremost towels do not require dry cleaning. If your towel is stained, act as soon as possible and spot clean the mark with a recommended stain remover remembering not to rub or spread the stain into the fabric.


The new Everloc range has taken suction technology to a new level. The suction is now stronger than any previous product on the market. It is also stylish, contemporary and adds class to any bathroom. This means that if you don’t like it in one spot, or change your mind later; you can easily ease off the suction cups and move the product within minutes without damaging the surface or the product.

The new patented Everloc suction system has evolved from a push and lock system to a Dual Action system. The Dual Action system includes an internal silicon ring, which adds a second adhesion to the surface and fills out small imperfections in the surface. The suction ring is screwed into place via the cap making it virtually impossible to move. Put simply, the new technology makes a stronger bond which gives you greater confidence.

The Everloc products of the past were always innovative, but this is a new generation in suction technology that is giant step forward from earlier products. Stronger adhesion to the surface, fantastic designs, larger weight bearing capacity equates to more delighted end-users. The smaller hooks can hold up to 8kgs and the larger hooks can hold up to 15kgs. That is more than enough weight capacity for places like bathrooms, where you store things such as shampoos, conditioners and soap on a shower caddy or bathroom shelf. All Everloc products can be installed on non-porous surfaces such as glass, laminates, mirrors and tiles. The Everloc products can be installed on porous surfaces like gyprock, however an adhesive disk (available at all Howards stores) will need to be used. Firstly remove product (basket, caddy or holder) from the suction cup hooks. Turn the cap anti-clockwise to loosen the suction vacuum. Once the cap comes off the thread you can remove the hook and cover. You can then peel the rubber disk from the surface. Wet areas have little impact on the suction, as this is what Everloc was designed for. Just remember that when installing the suction cups in wet areas you must ensure that the surface is completely dry prior to installing. If this is done correctly, the Everloc range will require very little to no readjustments. The Everloc range is the complete solution to organizing the bathroom, laundry and/or kitchen with products such as Bathroom Shelves, Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener Holders, Baskets, Shower Caddy’s, Towel Rails, Hooks, Toilet Roll Holders, Dental Stations, Utensil Cup/Toothbrush Holders, Soap Holders…..the list goes on. See the Howards range in-store or online. People who do not want to damage the surface or people who would like more flexibility to move the products if required in the future. Everloc is ideal for all DIYers, renters and for those looking to replace existing fixtures.


Whether you’re living on campus or in shared accommodation, when it comes to moving out for the first time, space is a precious commodity. So how do you maximise the functionality of tight living quarters?

First and foremost, stop and assess your room and ask yourself how you can creatively maximise every conceivable space. Look vertically and consider how you could use the area on your walls; also consider the space under the bed, over the door and in the wardrobe.

Does your room have a wardrobe? Perhaps you need a little extra space in your kitchenette? Whatever your storage dilemma, consider using an easy-build kit. Classic, durable and easy to assemble, we’ve done all the hard work and created a range of customised storage solutions that’ll have you organised in a flash! Easy-build is also completely customisable so you can create your own solution too.

Take the laundry for instance. If your room allows the space, invest in a double laundry hamper. You can essentially sort your lights from your darks as you go (completely eliminating the “pre-sorting” step in your laundry life cycle). Alternatively, a laundry hamper with handles and drawstring closure is perfect for transporting clothes between your room and the communal laundry. What about the bathroom? Unless you’re lucky enough to have an ensuite, you’re likely to be sharing your bathroom. Keep your hair styling equipment under control and in one easy to access place with the help of the expert Style Station. Transporting your hair care from your room to the shared bathroom becomes simple!

With a new living arrangement, comes new responsibility. Plan your budget and revisit it once a month to ensure you’re on track with your incomings / outgoings. From rent through to food (and not to forget, fun!) being budget conscious and staying in control of your finances allows you the freedom to enjoy your uni years!

Cut it out, pin it, display it. Create an inspiring space within your room and watch the inspiration flow!


Do you linger too long in the kitchen? Whether you love cooking or think it’s a chore, any extra convenience in the busiest room in the house will make kitchen operations smoother and quicker. Some simple, economical additions to your pantry, fridge and drawers will improve daily efficiency so you can spend more time on life’s pleasures and less time preparing food and cleaning up.

Improve your storage flexibility with a lightweight, folding step ladder or a step stool. When you can reach those high cupboards and shelves easily, you’ll use all your space wisely. Use clear plastic Linus caddies in your pantry, to group sauces, packet mixes and fiddly ingredients together for a better organised pantry. No more searching for bits and pieces when you’re in the middle of cooking. Putting everything away again will be quicker too. Double your kitchen cupboard space – without renovating. Expandable, portable pantry racks and shelves put ‘air space’ to use when you can’t adjust shelf heights. Affix racks for spices or container lids to the inside of cupboard doors so there’s more space inside.

Are out-of-date jars of ‘stuff’ rolling about up the back of your fridge? Sort the mess and make room for more food, with soft plastic refrigerator condiment caddies, portable rollout fridge shelves, a special Lazy Susan for fridges or fridge baskets with convenient handles for quick access, to keep cold supplies fresh and organised.

Your kitchen or laundry can be an organised hub for household recycling. Sort waste and keep it neat for bin night with purpose-built divider bins for bottles, paper and compost for easy eco-sorting under the sink and out of the way.

Are your kitchen drawers ‘free range’? Piles of utensils, spices, cutlery and gadget clutter that’s crowding utility drawers is frustrating and wastes your time. Keep kitchen gear sorted with fixed drawer organisers or even expandable cutlery trays for extra flexibility. Design your own special drawer configuration with a range of separate sorters in grip-based plastic or sustainable bamboo or stylish metal mesh. Each come in different sizes and shapes you can mix and add to, to suit your personal kitchen tool collection.


Fresh food is safe food. Good food storage habits save your household budget too. Clever container sizes and stacking sets help create space in your fridge, increasing air circulation for even better freshness and lower energy consumption.

Storing leftovers

Well-organised leftover food storage saves cooking time for busy households. Cooking and storing cooked food is easy when containers can go from freezer to microwave, to table to fridge. The Décor and Pyrex collections are freezer and microwave safe and have steam-release vents that allow cooking then airtight sealing, with safe handling when hot.
Square and rectangular containers take up less space than round ones, saving room in cupboards and in the fridge.

It’s important to treat leftovers with care so that cooked food keeps well for a few days. Prepared food should be refrigerated within an hour or two, depending on the ambient temperature. Always cool leftovers before refrigerating them. Take care not to use utensils that have handled raw meat when storing cooked food away as you could contaminate it and cause food poisoning.

Make it a habit to rotate leftovers in the freezer and fridge so your efforts to save on future cooking time are not wasted.

Cereals and dry food storage
A well-organised pantry avoids waste and saves money on dry food and snack storage with good habits and easy display. Rotate containers so older items are at the front and check use-by dates regularly. Clear containers that show quantities easily alert you when supplies are low. Add labels with use-by dates and you’ll have the perfect, waste-free pantry.
Take dry food out of its packaging and transfer it to containers straight away to increase its lifespan and freshness. Slim, clear, modular and stackable containers in lots of sizes keep all your ingredients and supplies in sight. Clear lids are perfect for containers stored low and viewed from the top or kept in drawers, because you can see what’s inside without lifting or opening them.

Multi-use lids
Many people choose containers by their style of lid when organising pantry or fridge space. Multi-use airtight containers have lids with steam release vents; the lids on the Snapware Mods range are easy for kids to seal properly; the clear top lids on Rosti Storers are hard to beat for easy content viewing and there are lids designed to stack and save shelf space.
Ultimate Pantry Storer
The Howards range of sleek and stylish Oxo Pop containers make the most of pantry space with a square design. The lids feature an innovative pop-button mechanism for a super airtight seal which is perfect for dry goods storage. In 12 sizes, they’re clear, built to stack and are freezer-safe too.


Bath and shower clutter is a pain to clean around. Products strewn about can be dangerous too, so corralling them into purpose-built holders makes sense. Racks that hang over the shower rose come in many styles to suit every bottle shape and size. From simply functional to the contemporary Shamboo Shower Caddy made of beautiful bamboo, showers are quicker and there’s no bending when all your products are stored high and right in front of you.

For the extras, the fiddly daily items, like brushes, lotions, razors and scrubs, Lightweight Everloc and Powerloc Screw Suction storage shelves, hooks and holders carry everything you need on the shower recess wall. They prevent bending and searching around for what you need and peel off easily for cleaning.

Maximising utility space in a small home is easy, using even limited bathroom space. Slim clothes drying towers that fit in your shower recess save you using the dryer on a rainy day and make the most of empty spaces – even in bathrooms. Or a retractable clothes line on the bathroom wall means washing can hang anywhere there’s available air.

If the whole family shares a bathroom, there’s more reason than ever to get organised with the right storage so that everyone’s essential gear is contained and sorted. Tall or low trolleys with drawers boost bathroom cupboard space and take up little room. Allocate a drawer per person or use them to stow bath toys and general bathroom items. Ranging from four to eight drawers, they help keep your bathroom sink top clutter-free. Bathroom trolley organisers adapt as your family grows – and as it grows up.

It’s no guarantee, but keeping towels off the floor starts with clever hooks and portable racks for comfortable towel storage when there just aren’t enough bathroom fittings. In tiny bathrooms, a Piccolo Over Door Hook holds towels and more or the 3 Tier Over Door Towel organiser makes space for three towels without using any floor space and needs no installation. The compact 3 Bar Towel Rack is free-standing and fits in tight floor spaces too.
Larger versions for bigger bathrooms mean everyone has a dry towel when they need it. Or use your wasted air-space by adding a bathroom Wall Shelf and Towel Rack in one.


Are you running out of bedroom storage space? Can’t see the floor any more? A cluttered bedroom interferes with your sense of peace where you need it most. But with a few creative storage additions, you can easily create the private sanctuary you need for a healthy, restful life.

Do you drop bags, coats and bits and pieces on the bed (or the floor), to “put away later”?
It’s no effort to keep a bedroom neat and also save time, using over-door storage to hang handy items. Howards ‘Over the Door Hooks’ are a great way to keep your favourite jackets and coats in reach and because they just sit over the door itself, there’s no installation required. Bathrobes on the backs of bedroom or ensuite doors stay dry. Grab towels, bags or work gear quickly from the back of the door when you’re on the go. The door can also store multi-pocket, clear display hangers for jewellery, shoes and accessories free up drawers and dressers tops and display all your small gear, neatly and out of the way. Chrome, clear acrylic or timber hook sets suit any décor, keeping your room looking smart.

Do you rummage through cupboards, shelves or crowded drawers for ties, bags, belts or shoes, creating an even bigger mess?
Your wardrobe hanging space can be used to keep accessories grouped, sorted and in easy reach. A clear handbag holder that drops right among your clothes means you can choose a bag and outfit together, quickly and easily. Keep belts in line and detangled on a slim Belt Rack that stows up to 14 pieces. There’s no bending down to reach your favourite shoes with canvas pocket hangers that fit snugly beside your clothes – and now they come with canvas drawers, for an extra-tidy look. Even Space Bags come in various sizes and in a hanging variety to create extra vertical storage for whatever’s still left hanging around.

Is your wardrobe bulging with out of season gear?
Add welcome breathing space to your wardrobe and drawers by stowing seasonal gear under the bed. Underbed Boxes with lids come in heights as low as 17cm. Some are on wheels for extra convenience. So even if you only have a small gap below your bed, plenty can be packed below for next summer or winter. Space Bags are another slim under-bed fit that hold heaps of clothes set aside to wear in future months.

Your favourite objects deserve a place of their own.
Now that your essential bedroom clutter is hanging, sorted and packed away, create a place to show off treasured possessions for a boutique feel to your tidy new sanctuary. Floating shelves that melt into the wall in timeless style are perfect for displaying mementoes, photographs and objects of art that add a warm welcome to any bedroom. With the inclusion of a chrome pedestal mirror and jewellery organisers from the new Allure range you’ll be all set for a classy and functional dresser top display.

Simple ways to store and protect your shoes – (Bedroom)

Are shoes multiplying at the bottom of your wardrobe? Taking over the floor and driving you up the wall? Give them the storage and protection they deserve for a clutter-free, organized wardrobe. Sorting your shoes could save you money too.

Whether you stick to the basics or collect them with a passion, neatly stored shoes mean there’s no time spent hunting for matching pairs before stepping out. Clever, stylish shoe protection for all budgets and bedrooms makes it easy to keep footwear in good shape so it lasts longer. Putting your shoes on show means you can see what you have – and what you still need to buy.

You care for your shoes with cleaning, conditioning, polishing, deodorizing and weatherproofing. But they’ll last even longer if they’re stored with care like all your other fashion items. And you’ll find them faster too.

Organising shoes properly can also save money. How many times have you brought home a new pair only to find later that you have a pair (or two) that are almost exactly the same? You just couldn’t see them.

Keeping shoes in clear view means you’ll also see when they need repairs or cleaning instead of finding out just as you’re about to put them on.

Save straining your back by getting your shoes up off the floor. Behind the door you can store 10 pairs of shoes in neat pockets in an Over the Door Shoe Organiser. Anywhere on the wall, the Wall Mounted 21 Pair Shoe Rack will help keep shoes in good shape, within reach and properly organised so you can make an easy selection.

If you’re designing a custom-built wardrobe, include built-in shoe shelves or space for portable racks. Choose a flexible system, so you can add to it in the future. You can add a Hanging Shoe Organiser over the wardrobe rail that provides 10 pairs of shoes within reach, right among your outfits. Make room for two and that’s 20 pairs in easy view, all the time

Your special shoes deserve luxury treatment. Clear acrylic Stackable Shoe Cubes for individual pairs keep the dust off, prevents scuffing and displays your favourites, in boutique style. Small and large, Shoe Drawers also give the ultimate shoe protection for stylish storage to keep shoes looking brand new.

Put an end to messy piles of shoes dropped at the door by busy kids. For a tidy utility room or for the family collection by the front door or on the veranda, a four-tiered shoe rack is the perfect way for busy families to keep shoes neat.

Too good to hide away, two-tiered shoe racks in bamboo or chrome with timber trim can fit in a wardrobe, but they look great on show too. Leaving shoes on the floor will never seem right again. Howards have thought of everything and even have clever extendable shoe racks that grow with your shoe collection.

The perfect home office hub - (Office)

Wherever you have set up your desk, you can create a home office to be proud of by maximising space and minimising the clutter - and you’ll get more done in less time.

Ergonomically yours
For comfort and to prevent injuries, you should apply a few basic ergonomic rules to your home office set-up. Some quick and easy checks worth doing include:

• make sure your eyes are at least 50cm from your computer screen
• keep your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest
• recline your chair slightly to reduce vertebrae pressure and prevent lower back pain
And remember to take regular breaks during long projects to keep circulation – and ideas – flowing.

Take small steps to big productivity
When office “stuff” stacks up, it can overwhelm you and greatly reduce your productivity. Aim for weekly mini clean-outs, but if you get behind on clearing up, don’t panic. Remember the little engine that could? Conquering your mountain of paperwork is all about small steps. Take short breaks and throw out just three – ok, five – items you don’t need and then get back to work.

Don’t over-commit to a major de-clutter if you don’t have time to follow through. The house will look cleaner but you’ll start stressing about all the work you’re not doing. Instead, pick just one file drawer or one shelf and spend 10 or 15 minutes organising that space. Then do the same with a different trouble spot the next day.

Here’s a neat trick that’s well worth the effort for a messy home office. First, take everything off your desk except for the most essential tools of your trade and put it all in a box. Put the box in another room, like the garage. As you continue working, when you need a missing item, go to the box and retrieve it. Howards range of Easi Store plastic boxes come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for this exercise.

After a week, all the things you really need will be at your side again. Whatever is still in your storage boxes can be filed, donated, recycled or thrown away. Reward yourself with a stylish new desk set to store those essentials and encourage tidy habits.

If you don’t have a lot of room at home for traditional office furniture, send your workspace up the wall and create a place for everything with an elfa workstation. With only one fixed top track mounted to the wall, a mix of desk, drawers, shelves and baskets, can easily hang from floor to ceiling if you like. Workspace configurations change easily to suit your projects by readjusting or adding to the wall brackets.

Away from the wall, the new elfa Freestanding range allows you to create and ‘office island’ and is an instant office, anywhere, with overhead adjustable shelving on top of a double-sided desk, all attached to a sturdy commercial grade frame. With access from two sides, your home office space can be more flexible than ever. Both the wall and freestanding styles allow you to add extra storage for display or storage as your home business or hobby grows.

How to keep your desktop sanity - (Office)

Until the day we can finally celebrate the dawn of the paper-free office, keeping control of the hard copy bits and pieces that consume our desktops is just something we have to live with. In a busy home office, pruning, sorting and storing documents requires discipline. After all, any distraction seems far more attractive than re-arranging office clutter.

However, once you’ve learned to tame the paper flow with good habits and great storage, you’ll discover your desktop can actually work for you, not against you. And once that happens, you’ll have more time to move the lawn – or recline on it in your favorite chair sipping on an afternoon cocktail.

Try to handle every piece of paper just once. Pick it up, read it and then either act on it, file it, delegate it or ditch it (in the recycle bin or as extra printer paper of course!). “What about the ‘to do’ tray?” we hear you ask. Flick through the pile sitting in there already and see how many pieces of paper have been sitting there for months. Or even years. Do you really need it?

Managing paper rule number two
Ok, there are times when the “handle once” rule really is impossible. If so, save yourself time and more mess by noting in your diary the next action date for that piece of paper and stick to the timing. Then file it or throw it away.

Essential references
The last thing you want in a small home office is to be swamped by reference material. Documents you “might need one day” can quickly take over limited storage space at the expense of your real work.

Avoid “just in case” reference clutter by hording as little as you really need. Keep articles, not entire magazines. When stories or research material appears online too, just save the links or create a PDF file. And when you do keep hard copy reference material file it straight away – not later. Then regularly check your collection for dated information and prune the overgrowth

Once your paperwork is under control, you only need a few desktop accessories. Home office organisers don’t need to be grey and boring. Desk displays in rich textures add personality and professionalism.

Howards has a range of desktop organisers including the colourful Bigso Box range, the Faux Leather range or earthy, eco-friendly Bamboo Desktop Office Organisers - all of which provide a contemporary and practical organisation solution to any workstation. The formal Black Ash Organiser set includes a practical charge station and computer hardware stands to give your gadgets extra special treatment.

Blend your desktop look to match your home décor, or choose contrasting styles to distinguish your home office as a separate space.

Good, clear desktop storage gives your home office more of a professional, organised feel and is great for productivity. If you have documents that you need to keep and find quickly, store and stack in clear plastic Easi Store File Boxes. Lids can be labelled to show what’s inside. Storage boxes from the Bigso or Viola range look great and come in the right sizes for documents and office gadgets and gear.

Save space with upright file holders for reports, magazines and work in progress and archive them later. With document or magazine spines on show, identification is easy and you’ll save time when you’re too busy to search for what you need.

Finally, when you’re fitting an office space into the boundaries of a house or apartment, flexible solutions are important. A few easy ways to make your office space bend to your needs include:

• combining accessories that fit into tight places or are mobile, like drawer office trolleys
• stacking lidded file storage boxes that you need to only access now and again
• storing electronic gadgets in smaller boxes so ugly tangles are out of view
• standing magazines and reports in slim holders
• fitting custom shelves in corners to save on bulky furniture
• installing an elfa easy-build system with airy slide-out baskets to create a sense of space and let you see what’s inside

Wall storage in any room - (elfa)

We all know how Dreamy a built-in storage system can be in the bedroom, but we don’t often consider all the space problems they can solve throughout the home. Wherever there’s vertical space, you can adopt the same principles that you use for clothes and shoes - be it in the pantry, garage, laundry, home office or even the man cave at back of the garden.

The Elfa customised storage system works around brackets which hang down from a single horizontal top track that’s fixed to the wall. Depending on your needs, you just add individual elements from a huge selection of shelves, drawer baskets, racks, rails and organisers. Then you simply adjust heights and add or move pieces wherever you want.

Elfa components are available in traditional platinum or white finishes, plus optional timber trims are avail be in either birch or walnut finishes. elfa is Swedish designed and built and made from epoxy bonded steel . Plus, elfa is backed by a 10 Year Guarantee, so you can rest assured it will survive all your requirements.

Ultimately, elfa customised storage provides flexible solutions to better utilise your space in any room of your home.

Flexible wardrobe storage is where all compact wall systems began. With elfa, you can store your each member of the family’s clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in the perfect design to suit their bedroom and personal tastes. The infinite combinations can be adapted to suit the seasons – like storing away winter woollies – and even grow as kids do.

Elfa is perfect for storing food in the kitchen pantry, because it accommodates slide-out baskets as well as open ventilated shelving. And you never have to worry about irritating tall items not fitting properly as you can create a variety of shelf heights for stackable bulk food storers, herbs, packets, tins and bottles.

If you’re tired of setting up and packing away your hobby at the dining table, imagine the luxury of a permanent built-in space created just for you and your favourite activity? With elfa you can set up a compact slide-away bench as your workspace and even add hooks and caddies for all your bits and pieces. When you know you can leave a project and return to it at leisure, not only will you reward yourself with ‘you time’ more often, you’ll be more creative and productive too.

Adding fixed shelves to your crowded laundry can make dreaded washing duty that much easier. You can custom design your laundry storage system to put everything you need in reach. Not only does this give you more floor space to sort the colours from the whites, but when you know where everything is you can quickly do what needs to be done and get back to the important things in life – like your hobby project.

When you look in the garage do you seem to find everything you own but the car? Installing elfa shelving around the garage walls is a great way to keep valuables clean, safe and dry be it sporting gear, archives or anything else that’s lurking in those piles of unidentified clutter. And with everything off the ground you’ll save time searching for lost items and maybe even a few visits to the chiropractor.

If some dedicated work or study space is lacking around the home, you can create it from nothing by simply attaching a desk unit to an elfa shelving system. Then you just add the appropriate sliding storage baskets to store your files, stationary and small equipment. You can design it to fit into a corner of a room, your bedroom or make the spare room your own.

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