Bathroom Storage

Bye bye bathroom clutter

You need a place for everything in a busy bathroom. Organise it well and the smallest room in your house will be a pleasure to visit – and easy to clean.

Shower show-offs

Bath and shower clutter is a pain to clean around. Products strewn about can be dangerous too, so corralling them into purpose-built holders makes sense. Racks that hang over the shower rose come in many styles to suit every bottle shape and size. From simply functional to the Contemporary Bamboo Shower Caddy made of beautiful bamboo, showers are quicker and there’s no bending when all your products are stored high and right in front of you.
For the extras, the fiddly daily items, like brushes, lotions, razors and scrubs, Lightweight Everloc and Powerloc Screw Suction storage shelves, hooks and holders carry everything you need on the shower recess wall. They prevent bending and searching around for what you need and peel off easily for cleaning.

Portable bathroom storage

If the whole family shares a bathroom, there’s more reason than ever to get organised with the right storage so that everyone’s essential gear is contained and sorted. Tall or low trolleys with drawers boost bathroom cupboard space and take up little room. Allocate a drawer per person or use them to stow bath toys and general bathroom items. Ranging from four to eight drawers, they help keep your bathroom sink top clutter-free. Bathroom trolley organisers adapt as your family grows – and as it grows up.

Towels off the floor: step one

It’s no guarantee, but keeping towels off the floor starts with clever hooks and portable racks for comfortable towel storage when there just aren’t enough bathroom fittings. In tiny bathrooms, a Piccolo Over Door Hook holds towels and more or the 3 Tier Over Door Towel organiser makes space for three towels without using any floor space and needs no installation. The compact 3 Bar Towel Rack is free-standing and fits in tight floor spaces too.
Larger versions for bigger bathrooms mean everyone has a dry towel when they need it. Or use your wasted air-space by adding a bathroom Wall Shelf and Towel Rack in one.

For more about the Everloc Screw Suction, watch our video presentation.

De-clutter for a luxury bathroom makeover

If you have the bathroom renovation bug, but not enough funds to cure it, you can still create a luxury retreat where you’ll want to spend quality time, by adding simple sstyle with a few easy accessories that also solve your bathroom storage problems.

Design with simple themes

Designer tricks for small room décor are to use classic themes in textures and colour. Creative options for a classy bathroom makeover combine practical daily solutions with co-ordinated style. Put your best items on show, placed in matching bathroom accessories, and store the rest away. You’ll have a simple, well-organised bathroom that not only looks smart, but works spectacularly well too.

Everyday accessories

A quick and easy bathroom makeover starts at the top. Clear your busy sink space and sort everyday objects into a Duetto, Piccolo or Bloom Bathroom set. Use classic white, ceramic, chrome and clear acrylic holders for your toothbrushes, soaps, razors and other gear to give your bathroom a sprinkle of savoir fair that matches any colour scheme.

Cosmetic carry-all

Give your bathroom the day spa treatment. We all know that cosmetics piled away in drawers can be hard to find. Instead of digging for what you need, display your make-up, nail polishes and lotions neatly in attractive Linus or Allure organisers. They’re designed to keep your products on show and in good condition. Matching accessory holders store cotton sticks and cotton balls. The extra breathing space created in drawers and cabinets means your other bathroom necessities can be better organised too.

Bamboo bathroom

A themed bathroom creates a sense of luxury and upmarket resort style. It can also show off your commitment to the environment. Eco-friendly, durable bamboo shower caddies, shelves, free-standing drawer trolleys and slim, portable bathroom shelves for towels look great and are very practical too. Using stackable bamboo drawer organisers in different shapes and sizes is the green way to convert your drawer mess to law and order. So make this natural wonder a feature in your revitalised, “new” bathroom.

For more about how to organise your bathroom, watch our video presentation.

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