Bedroom Storage

De-clutter your bedroom for inner calm

Are you running out of bedroom storage space? Can’t see the floor any more? A cluttered bedroom interferes with your sense of peace where you need it most. But with a few creative storage additions, you can easily create the private sanctuary you need for a healthy, restful life.

The quick hook up

Do you drop bags, coats and bits and pieces on the bed (or the floor), to “put away later”?
It’s no effort to keep a bedroom neat and also save time, using over-door storage to hang handy items. Howards ‘Over the Door Hooks’ are a great way to keep your favourite jackets and coats in reach and because they just sit over the door itself, there’s no installation required. Bathrobes on the backs of bedroom or ensuite doors stay dry. Grab towels, bags or work gear quickly from the back of the door when you’re on the go. The door can also store multi-pocket, clear display hangers for jewellery, shoes and accessories free up drawers and dressers tops and display all your small gear, neatly and out of the way. Chrome, clear acrylic or timber hook sets suit any décor, keeping your room looking smart.

Hang it

Do you rummage through cupboards, shelves or crowded drawers for ties, bags, belts or shoes, creating an even bigger mess?
Your wardrobe hanging space can be used to keep accessories grouped, sorted and in easy reach. A clear handbag holder that drops right among your clothes means you can choose a bag and outfit together, quickly and easily. Keep belts in line and detangled on a slim Belt Rack that stows up to 14 pieces. There’s no bending down to reach your favourite shoes with canvas pocket hangers that fit snugly beside your clothes – and now they come with canvas drawers, for an extra-tidy look. Even Space Bags come in various sizes and in a hanging variety to create extra vertical storage for whatever’s still left hanging around.

Threads under the bed

Is your wardrobe bulging with out of season gear?
Add welcome breathing space to your wardrobe and drawers by stowing seasonal gear under the bed. Underbed Boxes with lids come in heights as low as 17cm. Some are on wheels for extra convenience. So even if you only have a small gap below your bed, plenty can be packed below for next summer or winter. Space Bags are another slim under-bed fit that hold heaps of clothes set aside to wear in future months.

Affectionate displays

Your favourite objects deserve a place of their own.
Now that your essential bedroom clutter is hanging, sorted and packed away, create a place to show off treasured possessions for a boutique feel to your tidy new sanctuary. Floating shelves that melt into the wall in timeless style are perfect for displaying mementoes, photographs and objects of art that add a warm welcome to any bedroom. With the inclusion of a chrome pedestal mirror and jewellery organisers from the new Allure range you’ll be all set for a classy and functional dresser top display.

For more about how to organise your bedroom, watch our video presentation.

Simple ways to store and protect your shoes

Are shoes multiplying at the bottom of your wardrobe? Taking over the floor and driving you up the wall? Give them the storage and protection they deserve for a clutter-free, organised wardrobe. Sorting your shoes could save you money too.

Whether you stick to the basics or collect them with a passion, neatly stored shoes mean there’s no time spent hunting for matching pairs before stepping out. Clever, stylish shoe protection for all budgets and bedrooms makes it easy to keep footwear in good shape so it lasts longer. Putting your shoes on show means you can see what you have – and what you still need to buy.

You care for your shoes with cleaning, conditioning, polishing, deoderising and weatherproofing. But they’ll last even longer if they’re stored with care like all your other fashion items. And you’ll find them faster too.

Organising shoes properly can also save money. How many times have you brought home a new pair only to find later that you have a pair (or two) that are almost exactly the same? You just couldn’t see them.

Keeping shoes in clear view means you’ll also see when they need repairs or cleaning instead of finding out just as you’re about to put them on.

Climb the doors and walls

Save straining your back by getting your shoes up off the floor. Behind the door you can store 10 pairs of shoes in neat pockets in an Over the Door Shoe Organiser. Anywhere on the wall, the Wall Mounted 21 Pair Shoe Rack will help keep shoes in good shape, within reach and properly organised so you can make an easy selection.

Built-in organisation

If you’re designing a custom-built wardrobe, include built-in shoe shelves or space for portable racks. Choose a flexible system, so you can add to it in the future. You can add a Hanging Shoe Organiser over the wardrobe rail that provides 10 pairs of shoes within reach, right among your outfits. Make room for two and that’s 20 pairs in easy view, all the time.

Boxed beauties

Your special shoes deserve luxury treatment. Clear acrylic Stackable Shoe Cubes for individual pairs keep the dust off, prevents scuffing and displays your favourites, in boutique style. Small and large, Shoe Drawers also give the ultimate shoe protection for stylish storage to keep shoes looking brand new.

Round them up

Put an end to messy piles of shoes dropped at the door by busy kids. For a tidy utility room or for the family collection by the front door or on the veranda, a four-tiered shoe rack is the perfect way for busy families to keep shoes neat.

Racks of style

Too good to hide away, two-tiered shoe racks in bamboo or chrome with timber trim can fit in a wardrobe, but they look great on show too. Leaving shoes on the floor will never seem right again. Howards have thought of everything and even have clever extendable shoe racks that grow with your shoe collection.

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