Home Storage

Send your clutter up the wall

One of the quickest ways to open up living and storage space, and get a semblance of organisation throughout your home, is to do some serious shelving. And there are a wide range of elegant, modern and economical shelving choices out there that offer flexible solutions to clearing mayhem from any room in and around the house.

Bathroom bliss

There comes a time when your bathroom railings and cupboards will turn around and say no to clutter. The answer is a slim set or two of shelves that can take care of your bathroom essentials. For example, you could store your spare linen, lotions and kids’ toys on the shelf to keep the room nicely organised and functional. The 8 Basket trolley is ideal for busy families with a shortage of bathroom space. Re-shuffle the bathroom for each person in a flash - perfect if your bathroom is a claustrophobic’s nightmare.

Floating shelf style

You can smarten any room or corner with compact floating shelves set at any height. They make an excellent spot to leave keys and bags in the hallway, stand books and magazines in the bedroom or store pots and plates in the kitchen. And the big advantage is that they blend into the wall and take up no floor space. Out of the way while still in reach, floating shelves turn a small nook or a bare wall into practical, usable space.

Chrome home

Chrome utility shelves in the laundry, shed or garage are handy for keeping your out-of-the-way gear up off the floor. You can design your own configuration to the height and width to suit your “stuff” and your available space. Chrome is very light but exceptionally sturdy and the shelves are very easy to build. And you can always take the units apart or add to them - a bit like Lego for grown ups. There are also special triangular shaped shelving so you can get right into those corner spaces.

Cube units

Ok, not exactly up the wall but cubed Resin Shelves make attractive and stylish living room or bedroom display space for your vases, magazines, stereo units, framed photographs, small plants and more. As an alternative to timber, resin is strong, has a contemporary ‘chocolate’ finish and is water resistant. Available in one, two and three cube options, you can sit different sized units together to create a unique stepped ‘wall unit’ look. Or separately, they are a practical way to fill in under-used living spaces in ornate style.
For more storage space and a dash of variety, you can always add the more generously endowed matching rectangular siblings to the fold. And if you one of the many who enjoy making regular reshuffles to your living space, they are all easy to manoeuvre for a fresh room makeover.

Media units

In the age of home cinematic experience, our living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms are slowly being gobbled up by entertainment clutter. But fear not, the Arki Media System gives you five times more efficient storage than stacking and piling on more traditional shelves, like book cases. Configurable vertically or horizontally, they are a home organiser’s dream. Sturdy and strong enough to rest your TV or stereo on top, with CD and DVD collections all handy underneath. The svelte design in a shade of dark chocolate adds a touch of simple sophistication to any room.

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