Kitchen Storage

Kitchen convenience

Do you linger too long in the kitchen? Whether you love cooking or think it’s a chore, any extra convenience in the busiest room in the house will make kitchen operations smoother and quicker. Some simple, economical additions to your pantry, fridge and drawers will improve daily efficiency so you can spend more time on life’s pleasures and less time preparing food and cleaning up.

Pantry helpers

Improve your storage flexibility with a lightweight, folding step ladder or a step stool. When you can reach those high cupboards and shelves easily, you’ll use all your space wisely. Use clear plastic Linus caddies in your pantry, to group sauces, packet mixes and fiddly ingredients together for a better organised pantry. No more searching for bits and pieces when you’re in the middle of cooking. Putting everything away again will be quicker too. Double your kitchen cupboard space – without renovating. Expandable, portable pantry racks and shelves put ‘air space’ to use when you can’t adjust shelf heights. Affix racks for spices or container lids to the inside of cupboard doors so there’s more space inside

Fridge sorters

Are out-of-date jars of ‘stuff’ rolling about up the back of your fridge? Sort the mess and make room for more food, with soft plastic refrigerator condiment caddies, portable rollout fridge shelves, a special Lazy Susan for fridges or fridge baskets with convenient handles for quick access, to keep cold supplies fresh and organised.

Recycling station

Your kitchen or laundry can be an organised hub for household recycling. Sort waste and keep it neat for bin night with purpose-built divider bins for bottles, paper and compost for easy eco-sorting under the sink and out of the way.

Drawer order

Are your kitchen drawers ‘free range’? Piles of utensils, spices, cutlery and gadget clutter that’s crowding utility drawers is frustrating and wastes your time. Keep kitchen gear sorted with fixed drawer organisers or even expandable cutlery trays for extra flexibility. Design your own special drawer configuration with a range of separate sorters in grip-based plastic or sustainable bamboo or stylish metal mesh. Each come in different sizes and shapes you can mix and add to, to suit your personal kitchen tool collection.

For more about how to organise your fridge, or clever kitchen helpers, watch our video presentation.

Fresh food storage

Fresh food is safe food. Good food storage habits save your household budget too. Clever container sizes and stacking sets help create space in your fridge, increasing air circulation for even better freshness and lower energy consumption.

Storing leftovers

Well-organised leftover food storage saves cooking time for busy households. Cooking and storing cooked food is easy when containers can go from freezer to microwave, to table to fridge. The Décor and Pyrex collections are freezer and microwave safe and have steam-release vents that allow cooking then airtight sealing, with safe handling when hot.
Square and rectangular containers take up less space than round ones, saving room in cupboards and in the fridge.
It’s important to treat leftovers with care so that cooked food keeps well for a few days. Prepared food should be refrigerated within an hour or two, depending on the ambient temperature. Always cool leftovers before refrigerating them. Take care not to use utensils that have handled raw meat when storing cooked food away as you could contaminate it and cause food poisoning.
Make it a habit to rotate leftovers in the freezer and fridge so your efforts to save on future cooking time are not wasted.

Cereals and dry food storage

A well-organised pantry avoids waste and saves money on dry food and snack storage with good habits and easy display. Rotate containers so older items are at the front and check use-by dates regularly. Clear containers that show quantities easily alert you when supplies are low. Add labels with use-by dates and you’ll have the perfect, waste-free pantry.
Take dry food out of its packaging and transfer it to containers straight away to increase its lifespan and freshness. Slim, clear, modular and stackable containers in lots of sizes keep all your ingredients and supplies in sight. Clear lids are perfect for containers stored low and viewed from the top or kept in drawers, because you can see what’s inside without lifting or opening them.

Ultimate Pantry Storer

The Howards range of sleek and stylish Oxo Pop containers make the most of pantry space with a square design. The lids feature an innovative pop-button mechanism for a super airtight seal which is perfect for dry goods storage. In 12 sizes, they’re clear, built to stack and are freezer-safe too.

For more about the Oxo Pop range, watch our video presentation

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