Top Tips - Kitchen

A place for everything

Assign utensils to their own designated spaces in the kitchen. Be logical about how you assign this space.

You should also ensure that the space assigned for each item is in the correct proximity to the activity it is related to e.g. cooking utensils should be stored by the cooker, cleaning materials should be stored near the sink.

Secure containers

Cleanliness is of vital importance in the kitchen and this has to be factored in when selecting storage solutions.

Food storage containers should seal tightly to avoid the transference of food smells, items dripping or cross contamination. Porous materials are not suitable for kitchen use, as they harbour germs and are not easy to clean thoroughly. All storage items in the kitchen should withstand a good scrubbing and should also withstand disinfectant use and dishwasher use.

Clear containers

Use see through storage containers where possible. See through containers will allow you to easily identify what food is in each container and will also help you to identify when something needs to be thrown out.

Hard to reach spaces

Many kitchen spaces are awkward and hard to reach so investing in some easy to install fittings that can be pulled out on runners or rollers will certainly save you a lot of hassle and backache.

Drawer organisers

Cutlery drawers can be a nightmare. To combat this, invest in a drawer organiser with drawer dividers. Give each type of item a designated space and if you still find your drawer is too full, do the same with your "spill over" drawer but ensure that you store the items you use less frequently in this drawer

Perfect pantry

f you already have an existing pantry or if you have room to create one, install an elfa walk-in pantry for flexible and quality pantry organisation.

Shelf positions are fully flexible so you can move them at any time to suit items stored.

Under the sink

Make the most of your undersink area by installing pull out baskets for cleaning products, a swing out bin, plastic bag recycler and paper towel holder. Creating a home for these high use items ensures that they can always be found and the cupboard stays tidy.

Fridge matters

An over crowded fridge will not function at the correct temperature, as this puts the cooling facility under too much pressure making it vitally important that you do a regular clean out both for the safety of your food and longevity of your appliance.

Clean counter top

It might not always be possible to store everything away off your kitchen counter top, so when choosing items and appliances that will be in view on a permanent basis, go for something that will look good, act as a focal point in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the hub of activity in most homes, so the storage solutions in the kitchen are mainly there to make your life easier and more hygienic.


If you are trying to recycle, ensure that you have an organised system for waste. Invest in two bins, one for recyclable waste and one for non-recyclable waste, or a bin with multiple compartments, which allows you to dispose of each type of waste in an orderly and hygienic fashion.

Top Tips - Bathroom

A place for everything

Assign possessions to their own designated spaces in the bathroom. Be logical about how you assign this space.

You should also ensure that the space assigned for each item is in the correct proximity to the activity it is related to i.e. shower products should be stored beside the shower.

Small bathroom

Don't be discouraged by a small bathroom with limited storage space. Even those seemingly unsuitable spaces, beside the toilet or under the sink, can become usable storage spaces.

Use clever storage units, such as those on wheels, which can be pulled out and pushed back in as required.

Wall space

Wall space above the toilet is ideal for hanging shelves, as it will not hinder the flow of traffic in the bathroom.

Bathroom storage

Make sure bathroom storage units are non-absorbent, and easy to clean and tie in with the decor of the bathroom, so that everything looks uniform. Remember mixes of too many different colours can make spaces look busy and untidy.

Cosmetic organisers

Store small loose items such as nail polish or medicines away in clear boxes. Invest in some small stackable boxes that can be stored on your windowsill or on available shelf space.

Clean and tidy

Don't be a bathroom product hoarder, throw out any products that you have not used in the past month. Only keep products you use on a daily or weekly basis.

Multi-purpose storage units

Towered storage units are ideal for small bathroom spaces. Look for storage units that are multi purpose. There are many storage units that house your toilet brush, have hooks for towels and also have shelving space.

Top Tips - Laundry

Laundry Carts

Use a divided laundry cart with wheels to sort your laundry into items such as whites, colours and other washing items such as delicates, soiled or work clothes This way the whole family can get into the habit of pre sorting clothes, meaning less time spent in the laundry.


As we try to use the drying machine less, an efficient airer can save you money. Hang heavy items like jeans inside out and give them a firm shake first so they dry with fewer wrinkles and avoid fading.


Hang your washed clothes and delicates onto hangers and then onto the hanging line. When dry, place straight into the wardrobe. This way your clothes will need minimal ironing or no ironing at all, saving you time and money!

Loose Change & Missing Socks

Place a container or money box in the laundry ready to collect loose coins from clothing. When your container is full you can treat yourself to something special!

Hang a laundry bag or use a container near your washing machine to collect missing sock pairs. When the missing sock turns up, you know where to find the other pair.

Cleaning Tools

Find your laundry and cleaning tools and products faster by creating a home for them in easy to access storage containers or baskets. Don’t forget to label them.

Stain Removal

To make stain removal easier and faster, use a stain remover either in soap or liquid form. Howards recommends Exit Soap or Exit Spray.

Door Space

Make use of unused door space in the laundry by hanging an over the door hanging rack or hook to hang your smalls such as underwear and socks.

Top Tips - Bedroom

Hidden Storage Space

To create a clutter free haven, take advantage of every available storage opportunity.

Claim extra storage space under the bed and at the top of the wardrobe. Treasured possessions can be cleverly concealed in storage boxes and storage bags in these areas to cut out mess.

Jewellery Solutions

Stackable jewellery boxes and jewellery towers are ideal for keeping small items such as earrings and necklaces safe and untangled, while also making all items easy to find when you are adding that finishing touch to an outfit.

Small storage solutions can make a big difference in keeping your dresser top clean and organised, helping you get out of the door that little bit quicker.

Shoe Fetish

Why spend so much time and money on creating an impressive collection of shoes only to hide it away in the darkness of your wardrobe. Shoe racks make an excellent storage and display solution for shoes and extendable racks ensure that all of your shoes have a home no matter how big your collection grows.

Tidy Drawers

Drawer organisers are ideal for tidying ties, socks, underwear and other small items of clothing and accessories. They come in a range of shapes and sizes that will help you get the most out of the space in your drawers while also ensuring that all items are immediately accessible.

4 Steps to an Organised Wardrobe

Creating the organised wardrobe is easy by following these simple steps:

Clothes Valet

Invest in a clothes valet. You can use this to hang your outfit for the following day saving you time and effort, as well as removing the stress of not knowing what to wear when you get ready in the

Space Savers

Vacuum pack clothes that are not in season and store away. There is no use letting them take up excess space when you will not be wearing them for a few months.

Vacuum packed clothes can be stored away neatly in the attic, under the bed or on top of the wardrobe, without you having to worry about dust, moths or mould getting to them.


Wall and door hooks are a great storage trick. You can use them for towels, bathrobes, coats, bags, hats, etc.

Coordinate the colours to match it with the bedroom suite, choose black, wood or stainless steel if you are going for a modern look.

Open Wardrobe

Be creative. Don't be afraid to install open fronted storage options that show off your wardrobe.

Colour coded clothes can look great and having them on view may even inspire you to try new styles or combinations from your wardrobe instead of hitting the shops for new ones.

Kids Room

For the kids room, use colourful stacking boxes and wall boxes to create centrepieces for toys, books, teddy bears etc.

Encourage kids to store their own toys away by making it into a game that they can all be involved with

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